National Authority
for the Litani River
National Authority for the Litani River

Level of water

Construction works of protection masonry for the Qasimia irrigation project in the Qadmous area.
The sources of water coming to the pond of Annan consist of the treated water in the Abdel-Al power plant and the spring of Ain al-Zarqa, and the tunnel springs that draw water to Anan and from it towards the Awali basin to operate the John and Awali plants to generate hydroelectric power, due to the deterioration of the water quality in Lake Qaraoun, layers are formed From the aquatic weeds on the surface of the pond, which are called water lentils, the National Authority of the Litani River annually, in coordination with the Electricity of Lebanon, stops the laboratories for a week, emptying and cleaning the pond, and the sustainable solution is to remove pollution from Lake Qaraoun and improve the water quality.