National Authority
for the Litani River
National Authority for the Litani River


سلسلة من الكتب لتعميم منع ري كافة الاراضي والمحاصيل الزراعية من نهر الليطاني في الحوض الأعلى

23 May 2024

وجهت المصلحة الوطنية لنهر الليطاني سلسلة من الكتب لكل من معالي وزير الطاقة و المياه الدكتور وليد فياض و معالي وزير الداخلية القاضي بسام مولوي ولجانب معالي وزير الصحة الدكتور فراس الأبيض و لسعادة مدير عام أمن الدولة اللواء طوني صليبا و لكل من محافظ البقاع القاضي كمال أبو جودة ومحافظ بعلبك الهرمل الاستاذ بشير خضر حول منع ري المزروعات من مياه نهر الليطاني وروافده في الحوض الاعلى لنهر الليطاني وضرورة تامين الامن الصحي وجودة مياه الري وسلامة الغذاء في اطار السعي والبحث عن الامن الغذائي.
وطلبت المصلحة من المراجع المذكورة إتخاذ الاجراءات الرامية لتعميم منع ري كافة الاراضي والمحاصيل الزراعية من نهر الليطاني في الحوض الأعلى لنهر الليطاني ضمن نطاق محافظة بعلبك الهرمل والبقاع. 


كتاب وزير الطاقة والمياه

كتاب وزير الداخلية والبلديات 

كتاب محافظ بعلبك الهرمل 

كتاب محافظ البقاع

كتاب أمن الدولة


Egypt adopts the installation of sensors to monitor the drainage of industrial facilities

23 January 2024

The Egyptian newspaper Al-Mal's included in its No. 4201, published on the 28th of December 2023, an artical entitled "Head of the Environmental Affairs Agency in Al-Thaghr: Sensors monitor the drains of industrial facilities 24/24" 

The installing sensors strategy on the drains facilities discharging its water to fresh and non-fresh water bodies, as well as the Mediterranean Sea, so that industrial drainage, its quality, and the quality of the water falling on the water body to which it is connected are monitored in a way that it does not cause pollution.

Litani river authority indicates that applying this strategy helps control the sources of pollution of the Litani River’s water to a large extent, as it is possible to adopt this system in institutions that have been obligated by the Litani river authority to install refining stations to treat their industrial waste before diverting it to the course of the Litani River or to one of its tributaries.


Why did the lake become green?

04 October 2023

Water is usually affected by several factors that lead to changing its color and smell. In the summer or when the temperature rises, the color of the water in Lake Qaraoun changes to become green. The most prominent reasons that lead to this are:

Climate change and temperature rate:
The climate in general has an effect on the color of the water, as it varies according to temperature, and ranges from blue to green as it rises. Loss of ecosystem health in lake water may also lead to a shift in color.

Bacteria that live in water, become more active and float to the surface as temperatures rise. Therefore, the green color increases in the summer as a result of the reproduction of these types of bacteria, which are also called “blue-green algae.”

Winter sewer cleaning

21 September 2023

The technical teams at the Litani River National Authority have begun the winter sewer cleaning work that they carry out annually as the precipitation season approaches, in order to avoid rainwater overwhelming public and private property.


Cleaning and maintenance work

26 April 2023

Al-Qasimia irrigation project - Ras Al-Ain
Cleaning and maintenance of the canal sections in the southern section of Tire irrigation department, in preparation for the 2023 irrigation season.
Announcement to subscribers

25 April 2023

The National Authority of the Litani River announces to the participants in the irrigation projects in the Authority (the irrigation project of Al-Qasimia and Ras Al-Ain and the Sidon-Jezzine irrigation project) that it has put under collection the schedules for the year 2023 and requests the subscribers who have not paid their subscription fees to immediately pay what they owe within a maximum period of 30/6/2023 at the collection centers and the Authority’s offices in Al Qasimia and Libaa, noting that as of 1/7/2023, a delay fine of 2% for each month will be added for the due and unpaid amounts, and a fraction of a month is considered a full month.
Cleaning the Qasimia irrigation canal

19 April 2023

Cleaning and clearing the Qasimia irrigation canal to prepare for the irrigation season
Cleaning the impact of the Israeli aggression on the Qasimia irrigation project

19 April 2023

The National Authority of the Litani River is continuing to remove the effects of the Israeli aggression on the Qasimia-Ras Al-Ain irrigation project and repairing the canal in preparation for securing irrigation water by the irrigation season.

The National Authority of the Litani River announced in a statement that, out of its keenness to restore work on the project as quickly as possible, to provide farmers with irrigation water and to ensure the safety of agricultural crops; The authority has started implementing the necessary works to rehabilitate the project and renew the damaged sections as a result of the aggression, in preparation for the start of the irrigation season for the current year at the time specified for it.

One of the raids of the Israeli aggression on the Qulaileh area on April 7, 2033 targeted the southern irrigation canal of Ras al-Ain and one of the bridges over it, which resulted in the destruction of about 50 meters of the canal sections in addition to a concrete bridge over it, thus depriving 400 hectares of agricultural lands of water. irrigation.
Sewage station project

19 April 2023

Funded and implemented by the UNDP, the National Authority for the Litani River is pursuing a project to set up a sewage station in the interest's expropriation to treat the sewage of the neighborhoods adjacent to the Qasimia irrigation project to protect irrigation water and food safety.
Lifting the Israeli aggression on the Al-Qasimiyah Irrigation Project

12 April 2023

#The_national_authority_of_the_Litani_River announces the lifting of the effects of the Israeli aggression on the Al-Qasimiyah Irrigation Project - Ras Al-Ain and repairing the canal in preparation for securing irrigation water by the end of the irrigation season and the absence of the official authorities in performing their duties.
The southern Bekaa irrigation project were subjected to theft and shooting

12 April 2023

#National_authority_for_Litani_River filed a complaint in front of the General Prosecutor's Office for discrimination anonymously because the facilities of the southern Bekaa Irrigation Project were exposed to theft and shooting, noting that the trespassing was accompanied by firing on doors and iron cabinets meant for electrical groups.
The national interest of the Leitani River, taking the character of the personal claim, requested to refer the complaint to the Information Branch to identify the claimants and prosecute them, and impose severe penalties on them and prevent them from exposure to the institutions of the National Interest of the Leitany River.
Sursock - Bar Elias flood

01 April 2023

Exactly a year ago, sewage water overflowed in the Sursock district, located within the town of Bar Elias (Zahle district). A few days ago, the flood recurred, despite the measures announced at the time by the relevant ministries to avoid pollution again. According to the detection reports of the Litani River National Authority teams, the cause of the flood is due to “sanitary excavations and new extensions that were connected to one of the sewage network pipes in the neighborhood. These additions came after the increase in the number of residents within the neighborhood, which doubled the amount of waste water generated by them without the single pipe being able to absorb it. This led to flooding of potholes on the roads and between houses, and extended to the nearby Ghazil River, a tributary of the Litani River.
Sewage flooding in Sursock neighborhood

30 March 2023

The problem of sewage flooding in the Sursock neighborhood in Bar Elias is getting worse and the concerned authorities are absent, until it came to the spread of skin diseases among the people.
The Litani River National Authority had sent letters to each of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, His Excellency the Minister of Interior and Municipalities, Judge Bassam Mawlawi, His Excellency the Minister of Environment, Dr. Nasser Yassin, and His Excellency the Minister of Health, Dr. Firas Al-Abyad, in sympathy with the previous series of books on the problem of sewage flooding in The town of Bar Elias is between the residential units and on the roads leading to the Ghazil River, which is considered one of the most important tributaries of the Litani River.

The Authority had taken samples from the drinking water taps in 4 houses in the town of Bar Elias, in the Bekaa, to analyze them and see if they were actually suitable for drinking and use, or if they were contaminated as a result of the aforementioned problem. Concentrations of hundreds of colonies were recorded in every 100 ml of water), bearing in mind that these germs are strictly prohibited from being present in drinking water.

The authority renews its request for the need to find an immediate solution to the sewage problem in the town of Bar Elias, in order to remedy the health and environmental disaster that befell the residents of the Sursock neighborhood in the town, and to reduce losses as much as possible.
A criminal complaint at the Public Prosecution Office

28 March 2023

The National Authority of the Litani River filed a criminal complaint at the Public Prosecution at the Court of Cassation against the so-called Osama Al-Jaji, the owner of a cow farm in the town of Al-Marj, where it was found that the so-called throwing waste and waste resulting from his farm directly into the Litani River, which constitutes a massive environmental violation and a legal violation. The authority also called for opening a prompt investigation into the present complaint, arresting the defendant, and taking an expedited precautionary measure by closing the farm until its environmental status is settled.
Cleaning the tunnels of the Qasimia irrigation project

20 March 2023

Workers of the National Authority for the Litani River follow up the cleaning works of the tunnels of the Al Qasimia - Ras Al Ain irrigation project, in preparation for the 2023 irrigation season.
Cutting and isolating the primary line - 66kv Markaba

20 March 2023

The National Authority of the Litani River announces the cutting and isolation of the 66kv primary line - Markaba to repair the emergency fault on the line.
Cleaning Al-Qasimiya irrigation channel

14 March 2023

ة| Follow-up of daily works by the technical teams in the national interest of the Litani River, which will clean the course of the Al-Qasimiya irrigation channel along the irrigation project to maintain it and carry out the necessary maintenance to maintain the continuity of work.
Level #Qaraoun_Lake for Thursday March 9, 2023

09 March 2023

Level #Qaraoun_Lake for Thursday March 9, 2023
Télé Liban report on the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding

02 March 2023

Télé Liban report on the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding sponsored by interest and in cooperation with the World Union for Nature Conservation entitled "Blue Green Economy".
Signing a cooperation agreement

01 March 2023

On February 28, 2023, a ceremony of signing a cooperation agreement took place between the Litani River Authority, represented by the Director General/Chairman of the Board of Directors, Dr. Sami Alawiya, and the Lebanese Environment Assembly, the Society for the Protection of Nature (spnl) and the Environmental Waves Association, in the building of the Central Administration of the Authority, in the presence of work teams from both sides, within a consultative workshop for the "Blue Green Economy" project, which aims to rehabilitate natural resources to limit climate change.
The agreement aims to establish cooperation frameworks between the two parties with regard to protecting fisheries in the Litani River basin, as well as carrying out studies with the aim of improving the management of water resources used for irrigation, organizing wild fishing, agricultural development and extension through educating farmers, adopting the agricultural land investment policy of the National Authority of the Litani River In the south and the Bekaa, in addition to supporting the agricultural sector and activating the "Hama system" in the Litani River basin.
The agreement also stipulates the importance of reinforcing plant and animal error, reviving ecotourism in the Litani River basin area, the possibility of using existing laboratories between them, sharing information and results, and proposing ways to ensure the preservation of the environmental and ecological balance of the environmental and water environment.
The agreement focused on the necessity of cooperation in supporting the agricultural sector and ensuring a minimum level of food security, developing the environmental qualifications and expertise of the local community and municipalities, improving water and environment management, providing the necessary consultations, and working to revive environmental heritage.

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