National Authority
for the Litani River
National Authority for the Litani River

Egypt adopts the installation of sensors to monitor the drainage of industrial facilities

23 January 2024

The Egyptian newspaper Al-Mal's included in its No. 4201, published on the 28th of December 2023, an artical entitled "Head of the Environmental Affairs Agency in Al-Thaghr: Sensors monitor the drains of industrial facilities 24/24" 

The installing sensors strategy on the drains facilities discharging its water to fresh and non-fresh water bodies, as well as the Mediterranean Sea, so that industrial drainage, its quality, and the quality of the water falling on the water body to which it is connected are monitored in a way that it does not cause pollution.

Litani river authority indicates that applying this strategy helps control the sources of pollution of the Litani River’s water to a large extent, as it is possible to adopt this system in institutions that have been obligated by the Litani river authority to install refining stations to treat their industrial waste before diverting it to the course of the Litani River or to one of its tributaries.